About MorinvilleOnline.com

MorinvilleOnline.com is operated and managed by Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc.

The purpose of the MorinvilleOnline.com website and its associated Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts is to provide Morinville and area residents with timely and accurate local news and information with a focus on what’s happening in the community.

We operate two domains under the MorinvilleOnline.com umbrella:

MorinvilleOnline.com – A community news magazine with articles, videos, information and a dedicated free community calendar.
MorinvilleNews.com – Our former online daily news site remains as an archive of 10 years of community news.

About Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc.

Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc. is an Alberta incorporated company involved in several areas of business:

• Digital marketing, graphic design and consulting for businesses and organizations
• Video production for businesses and organizations
• News, information, and entertainment websites
• Book publishing

Historical Information Sites We Operate


Entertainment Websites We Operate


Book Publishing

We publish select entertainment books under the imprint Pawn Publishing.

Video Production & Digital Marketing

We produce videos and video content for our clients under the brand Soaring Pig Studios.

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Please send your messages to editor@morinvillenews.com or to sales@morinvillenews.com


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