Alberta’s top bureaucrats need to take a 20% pay cut, Canadian Taxpayers Federation says

by Stephen Dafoe

Citing an average total annual compensation for Alberta’s deputy ministers at $327,297 per year and deputy ministers at $234,084, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling for a 20 per cent cut to the salaries of the province’s top bureaucrats.

“Taxpayers can’t afford to keep paying the Alberta bureaucrat premium,” said CTF’s Alberta Director Franco Terrazzano. “Long gone are the days when Albertans should be asked to pay a 30 per cent premium for their top bureaucrats and Premier Jason Kenney needs to bring Alberta’s bureaucrat compensation in line with our peers.”

CTF cites provincial compensation disclosure lists to indicate the province’s deputy ministers receive 30 per cent more than the Ontario-West average, 12 per cent more than the average for assistant deputy ministers.

“The Alberta government needs to address its labour costs to balance the budget and begin paying down the debt, and there’s no better place to start than at the top of the pyramid,” Terrazzano said. “When you compare our top bureaucrat pay with other provinces and the many cuts Albertans are enduring, it’s clear that it’s time to end the Alberta bureaucrat premium.”

A full CTF comparison report can be found online at

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