East Boundary Road project would cost in excess of $7 million

by Colin Smith

East Boundary Road is in rough shape and it appears that’s not going to change anytime soon.

On July 3 the Town of Morinville announced the municipally-owned north-south route had been restricted to local traffic only after rain turned it into a sea of mud.

This closure will remain in place until road conditions improve.

According to information provided by Tracy Dalzell-Heise, Senior Strategist, Communications and Marketing for the Town, this longstanding problem results from the amount of wet weather the Morinville area has experienced during the past two summers.

“When the road is dry, the gravel surface can be maintained,” Dalzell-Heise says.  “With the large amounts of rain, the past two years, we are unable to maintain the surface when it does not dry out.”

She states that shoulder pull maintenance was scheduled this year for the road, in partnership with Sturgeon County.  The shoulder pull would have brought the material back from the ditches onto the main road surface and returned the road to its proper state.

But this project is not going as planned due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Instead, this year the Town will be using the money budgeted for it to do some repairs from Hwy 642 down to Cardiff Road this year.

“The road needs to be rebuilt and properly paved to alleviate these challenges,” says Dalzell-Heise.  “The projected budget for this is in excess of $7 million dollars.  A capital budget request will be put forward for Council’s consideration.”

Local residents have had plenty to say on social media about the condition of East Boundary Road.

“Took that road the other day, awful didn’t know if I was going to make it through! lol you couldn’t tell what colour my car was by the time I made it through!” commented Teresa Johnston Downie on Morinville Online’s Facebook page.

Asks Glen Christopherson, “When the town has one road across the tracks and that is under construction should fixing this not be more of a priority?”

Paul Dupuis has his own questions: “Why is this road never repaired or rebuilt properly?”

“This road needs to be paved,” Terra Bryks Posyluzny said simply.

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