Morinville Online is a small Community News Magazine covering a broad range of news topics and areas of coverage. Below is information on our editorial team:

Stephen Dafoe

Publisher / Editor

Stephen Dafoe is the owner, publisher and editor of Morinville Online. His primary areas of coverage include business, arts & culture, sports, and people features.

Lucie Roy

Freelance Contributor

Lucie Roy has decades of experience in community news and is a long time contributor to the publication. Her primary areas of coverage include historical features, community groups, schools, and arts & culture.

Colin Smith

Freelance Contributor

Colin has decades of experience as a writer and editor. Colin covers municipal council coverage as well as some provincial news coverage for us.

Morinville Online Staff byline

Unattributed bylines in fall under Morinville Online Staff and are used when the story is under 400 words, utilizes press release material with no independent interview, or is coverage of criminal charges.

Community Contributions: receives and accepts regular letters to the editor, columns form local businesses, MLAs and MPS and the general public.


Articles: Articles carry the byline of the writer or Morinville Online Staff (see above). Articles carry no opinion and are balanced and objective.

Columns & Guest Columns: Columns are the opinion of the columnist and may or may not reflect the views of the publication.

Editorials and Guest Editorials: Editorials whether written in-house or accepted from outside reflect the opinion of the publication,