Growing Alberta Bingo Challenge now on for youth

by Stephen Dafoe

Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life), an organization dedicated to educating Albertans about agriculture, food, farming and safety, has partnered with Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association (AFFPA) to offer the Growing Alberta Bingo Challenge.

The Challenge has youth 17 years of age and under focusing on 16 locally grown and produced foods available at farmers’ markets, farm stands and directly from local producers.

Participants receive recipes, nutritional information, interesting facts and tidbits related to the food items on the bingo sheet, which the organizations say will motivate participants to try locally grown and produced foods while creatively exploring new recipes and flavour profiles.

The two organizations say there are many benefits to eating local food, nutritionally, environmentally and for the general benefit of the community. The Bingo Challenge creates an opportunity for youth to discover a variety of locally-grown and produced, farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and other specialty products.

“Supporting our local farm producers and promoting Alberta local food is AFFPA’s main priority,” said AFFPA Executive Director Tammy Swedburg. “Knowing where your food comes from and who produces it gives families the confidence in knowing they are getting the best quality and farm-fresh food products close to home. To find a farm, go to our website and buy farm direct.”

For more information on the Growing Alberta Bingo Challenge and to sign up, please visit Keep an eye out on Ag for Life Facebook, Instagram and website for program updates and other contests.



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