Letter: Better planning needed for road work and other tasks

You Can’t Get There From Here

Most of us have been experiencing the traffic issues of late in the town.

I realize there are two separate projects, one a municipal and the other a provincial contract.

We are dealing with it now. My concern is what council is learning from this. Never mind that the expansion needs to the North-South route should have been in action when the first permit was given to build business, and discussion for a school was in the works.

I also understand that communication from the contractor handling the East-West job has a budget and timeline to meet. All the more reason that daily adjustment to the town responsibilities/activities is reviewed by Administration and adjusted.

On the day the main North South East West intersection was blocked, I found myself directed to Detour West past the school and RCMP office. It was at this point I found the town had chosen this date to oil the cracks of that road! (Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the cracks need sealing.) I would imagine, however, that more than this one road needed the work done, and foresight on the part of Administration, with communication on the other projects, should have reallocated resources. As well, on the day all four on/off ramps to the highway were closed, I would have expected signage much earlier to alert traffic. Recalibration of the lights,  a longer time for those heading south in the morning, more time for going north in the supper time, would have alleviated some of the issues. (If this was done, evidence would show it was not enough)

I am concerned that the city seems to too often run on a schedule. Further evidence was this week, where twice I witnessed the watering of the flower baskets and flower beds. This after a night of substantial rain, working under cloudy skies with predicted rain for the next 3 days. Surely these resources could have been allocated to other duties.

A review of the operation’s ability to assess and adjust is needed. I have no input to the reduction of staff. I know things are tight. I just feel the planning, constant review, and adjusting would provide the taxpayers with increased efficiencies and less frustration.

Alan Otway, Morinville

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