Letter: The Cloud is Aware of us

Let’s face it. We all know the Cloud Is Aware.

I say something out loud, and within minutes I get ads showing related items on sale.

I ask SIRI to find an address ( electronics repair shop) and suddenly I have all kinds of ads showing up for items I have purchased in the past, one of which must be having problems.

I have a bandaid over the camera on my laptop, but I don’t know where the camera is on the 5 TVs throughout our home.

But, when it really counts, silence. How many times do I have to call out “where the heck are my keys!?” before some compassionate CSIS or CIA or Russian spy takes a moment to review my day, and send a text?

Or, at least develops the “where are my keys app.”

Perhaps we do need to diversify the economy.

Alan Otway

Publisher’s Response: We enjoyed the humour of this letter about something we all encounter all the time. Orbit makes a key finder device and app. It is available locally at The Flower Stop & Gift Shop.

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