Morinville music school’s summer recitals go online

by Stephen Dafoe

A year of music lessons is hard work for any music student regardless of the instrument they are trying to master. Part of the reward for that effort is the annual recital concert. But for Smith Music, like many music schools across the country, social distancing requirements threw a drumstick into the normal plans.

Undeterred by COVID 19, Smith Music and their staff put in some extra effort this year to provide their students with that experience.

“We’ve been doing live concerts for our students for more than 20 years, and this is our first-ever virtual concert only experience. I’m really proud of the students and staff and how everybody did to get this incredible experience for and staff, frankly. This was super fun,” Smith said.

Smith compared this year’s concert set up to pre-recording for television. Students came in, and each of the performances had video and audio recorded separately with the instruments and vocals recorded separately, the whole recording mixed before the videos were put online.

“Students really embraced it and staff,” Smith said, adding his thanks to all involved in making this year’s student concert happen.

Below are all of the students’ performances. Click the performer and watch in the viewer window below.

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