New rules open the door for farm-to-customer meat sales in Alberta

Above: CL to R: Rancher and veterinarian Margitta Dziwenka, Minister Dreeshen and MLA Armstrong-Homeniuk announce changes to Alberta’s Meat Inspection Regulation.

by Stephen Dafoe

The UCP says red tape reductions have opened the door to greater access to locally-produced meat with amendments to the Meat Inspection Regulation.

Alberta beef producers have been asking for increased processing capabilities for several years. With the changes to the Regulation, consumers can now buy an animal directly from the farm and have it slaughtered on-site if the animal is for personal consumption.

Either the rancher would need to acquire a butcher’s licence or employ a mobile butcher.

Additionally, provincially-licensed meat facilities will be able to salvage and sell meat by-products, something the UCP says will allow them to expand into markets that use meat by-products for human consumption, pet food and wildlife bait.

“Alberta produces the world’s best beef, pork and poultry products, and Albertans want better access to these products,” said Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Devin Dreeshen. “These common-sense changes will also provide new economic opportunities for Alberta ranchers and provincial abattoirs. Albertans value knowing where their food comes from and are proud to support local farm families.”

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