Non-profit coffee shop puts nearly nine grand back into the community

by Stephen Dafoe

Higher Grounds in Morinville is a non-profit coffee shop staffed with volunteers who donate their top money back into the community.

The shop announced earlier this week that from September until the end of June, they had put more than $8600 in tip money and donations back into the community.

“We just love Morinville,” said Higher Grounds manager Rick Melvin. “Really, that’s what it’s all about. We want to support our community by providing a place for people to come and connect, and we also just believe generosity changes things. We want to be generous with everything that we receive.”

In addition to their community support, the shop’s giving tree allows patrons to buy a coffee or lunch and those in need to take a leaf for those items from the tree to redeem for coffee or a meal.

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