#SmallBusinessEveryDay encouraging Canadians to shop at local, independent businesses

by Stephen Dafoe

Sales across the country continue to be down from the previous year as businesses reopen during COVID-19. Data from Chase Merchant Services indicate a 25 per cent drop average from March to June compared to the same period in 2019. June was a 15 per cent drop average, indicating sales are slowly returning. 

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) says 62 per cent of Caadian Businesses are now fully open and 37 per cent are fully staffed. However, only 26 per cent of businesses surveyed by the organization are reporting normal sales. 

“While consumer spending through credit and debit seems to be improving, the broader picture shows that there has been a shift in payment methods and sales remain at perilous levels for many businesses,” said CFIB Senior Vice-President Corinne Pohlmann. “Things are slowly getting better, but small businesses depend on Canadians to choose local so the hardware store down the street, the independent pet shop, the mom and pop bakery can survive. 

CFIB’s #SmallBusinessEveryDay campaign urges Canadian shoppers to choose small, independent businesses every chance they get. More details on that initiative are online at  smallbusinesseveryday.ca

CFIB is also endorsing The Big Spend, an initiative that encourages Canadians to spend at small businesses on July 25.

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