Sturgeon County implements Beaver Control Incentive Policy

from Sturgeon County
Sturgeon County Council has approved a Beaver Control Incentive Policy to help reduce the damage currently being caused by the large rodent.
“We’re following in the footsteps of other Alberta rural municipalities who’ve adopted similar policies that are proving to be a creative and effective way to address this unique challenge,” said Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. “Two years of heavy rainfall has increased the importance of drainage management here in Sturgeon. Unfortunately, beaver activities impact drainage and on wet years it becomes quite apparent.”
Beavers in the County have been busy building dams and blocking culverts. This has contributed to flooding on area roads and damage[d] cropland and private property.
“Beavers are an important part of Sturgeon County’s ecological system that bring many benefits to our landscape, but in situations where beavers dam water and cause overland flooding it can cause substantial damage to County infrastructure and private property, and mitigation methods are sometimes necessary,” said Mayor Hnatiw.
Sturgeon County’s Beaver Control Incentive Policy encourages landowners to manage beaver populations on their own private lands, subject to conditions being met. The policy works in conjunction with Sturgeon’s existing Pest Control Program to support its county residents and agricultural producers.
For more information on the program, landowners are encouraged to contact Sturgeon County’s Agricultural Services at 780-939-8349.
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